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The company Robust d.o.o. is cooperating in several EU development projects, and ceaselessly concerns itself with the expansion of the sales program and the technological sophistication.

Market research – Russian market

The operation »Market research – Russian market« is co-financed through a public call for Voucher for market research of foreign markets. The purpose and goal of the public call is to encourage micro-, small and medium sized companies with their permanent offices in Slovenia, to make market research, examine the possibility for the breakthrough of new or existing products/services on the foreign market and to expand or diversify their operations in foreign markets, with which their...

Mobile recycling unit Garber 5.0

The company ROBUST d.o.o. successfully applied to the tender procedure for granting incentive in the framework of the initiative EUREKA 2018 with the project GARBER 5.0. The purpose of the tender procedure in the framework of the initiative EUREKA 2018 is to enable companies that execute their activity in the area of the Republic of Slovenia, the fully-fledged integration into projects of the international program EUREKA, and promoting their participation on all technological areas of the...

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