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Environmental protection policy – care for the safe and healthy environment

  • separation and reduction of waste, recycling,
  • use of modern technologies, hardware, devices that enable energy saving,
  • we support environmental improvements, we respect the valid legislation and meet the expectations of costumers, neighbours and public.
  • we care for the effective use of water, energy sources, materials and other sources,
  • with the best available means and other measures, we prevent or lower the impact on the environment throughout the complete life cycle of the products,
  • technological process overhaul in the sense of using natural sources and lowering the waste production,
  • in technologies that enable that, we substitute dangerous substances with less harmful ones,
  • lowering the risk of creating emergency events and improvement of processes of intervention in such cases
  • regular inspection of influence to the environment,
  • with educating and training, raising the employees’ awareness about the environment protection,
  • we educate the employees and others about the state and achievements in caring for the environment,
  • we regularly provide the compliance with legal and other demands to which we agreed,
  • we try to influence out business partners to a responsible attitude towards the environment,
  • designation, monitoring and surveillance of environmental goals and programs

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