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Details of the splitter ROBUST BA

Small dimensions of the splitter in the transport position, patented hoist of the riser,
patented mechanism of the movable handle for holding the graft, …

Basic information and equipment

  • A robust construction
  • Single-axle trailer with a third wheel and a hitch
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the log splitter into the
  • operating/transport position
  • Powered by a petrol engine
  • Two-speed log-splitting
  • Splitting blade stroke adjustment
  • Left and right bow to secure the workpiece
  • Movable lever for securing the workpiece during operation
  • Control lever for two-handed activation
  • High-quality hydraulic components
  • Welded reservoir with an oil drain plug
  • Submersible suction filter
  • Oil level indicator
  • Integrated lifting feet for simple adjustments of the trailer
  • Approved for road transport (80km/h)


  • Trailer with an integrated log splitter
  • Simply hitch it up, transport it and start splitting
  • No tractor or electricity required
  • Fast, safe and simple work with the log splitter


see the details of the splitter

Technical information

a comparison table for all models of the splitter BA

Podrsaj v desno za prikaz modelov.
R 13 BA R 20 BA
Drive petrol engine petrol engine
Description Honda GX 270
6,3 kW (8,4 KM) Hi-Lo pump, Class 1
Honda GX 390 8,7
kW (11,7 KM) Hi-Lo pump, Class 2
Controlling the splitting blade 2 speeds Maxispeed
Splitting force  (t) 13 20
Splitting blade stroke (mm) 1050 1100
Workpiece height 1150 1150
Workpiece height on the table (mm) 630 630
Workpiece diameter  (mm) 500 800
Splitting speed H2/PH (cm/s) 11,09/22,01/20,03 -/28,5/30,6
Weight  (kg) 475 680
Dimensions H/W/L/H1 (mm) 1550/1600/2552/2600 1550/1600/2552/2600
Oil quantity (l) 23 40



Splitting force (t): 25


Splitting force (t): 20


Splitting force (t): 16


Splitting force (t): 13


Splitting force (t): 13


Splitting force: hand thrust


For the “innovative construction design of the professional vertical log splitter” we received the 2010 Innovator of the Year Award from the municipality of Žalec. In addition, we also obtained a model utility patent for our log splitter on the European market under the number 001772377-0001. The same applies to the hydraulic winch as additional equipment for the ...

vertical log splitters for which we received the 2015 Innovator of the Year Award of the Spodnja Savinjska dolina region. The hydraulic winch is protected by the European utility model patent under the number 001988957-0001.


The company ROBUST prides itself on
two inventions. The patent SI 23536 A
refers to the improvement of the lever
mechanism which secures the
workpiece in place and the patent
SI 23537 A refers to the ratchet of
the lifting bow, which easily, quickly
and reliably switches between the
operating and transport position.


The log splitters from ROBUST are manufactured according to EU standards and meet all the safety and health requirements of the EC Guideline 2006/42/EC, the Machinery Safety Rules (OGRS, No 75/08), the Guidelines 73/23/EEC and Rules on electrical equipment designed for use within certain voltage limits (OGRS, No. 27/04). The log splitters are ...

distinguished by the high level of safety at work they offer. Because of the complete final quality control of each log splitter, their reliability is guaranteed.


All hydraulic log splitters from ROBUST are manufactured at the company’s headquarters in Arja vas and have a 24-month warranty. We provide you with all the necessary repair services, replacement parts as well as any additional equipment for our ROBUST log splitter within the countries of the European Union and beyond.